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This site uses all Unicode fonts, so you should be able to view them from any type of browser or platform. However your operating system needs these Unicode fonts to display the Indic languages, which need to be present on your computer/mobile phone.

Both Microsoft and Apple added Unicode fonts for most Indic languages in their latest OS (Windows 7 and Lion OS). If you use a PC with Windows 7 or higher operating system or a MAC with Lion OS or higher operating system, you should not have any difficulties in viewing most of the indic languages in this Web site.

You need to have the following fonts to view the corresponding languages:
Devanagari - Mangal
Tamil - Latha
Kannada - Tunga
Telugu - Gautami
Gujarati - Shruti
Malayalam - Kartika
Bengali - Vrinda
Oriya - Kalinga

If you don't have these fonts installed, you will not be able to view the corresponding languages correctly. In addition, if you are using PC, then you need to have latest usp10.dll installed in order to view the composite letters in some languages correctly. These fonts and the dll file can be downloaded in this fonts zip file (3.6mb).

Installation Instructions for Windows (with OS older than Windows 7):
  • - Unzip the vignanam fonts zip file into a folder and open that in explorer.
  • - Go to 'Control Panel' and click on 'Fonts'. If the folder is hidden, then click on 'Show contents of this folder'.
  • - Drag and drop the fonts files (*.ttf) from the vignanam fonts folder into the 'Control Panel > Fonts' folder.
  • - You are done.

Installation Instructions for Mac (with OS older than Lion):
  • - Unzip the vignanam fonts zip file into a folder (probably into your Downloads folder) and open that folder in Finder.
  • - Open another Finder window and go to 'Library > Fonts' folder.
  • - Drag and drop the fonts files (*.ttf) from the vignanam fonts folder to the 'Library > Fonts' folder.
  • - You are done.

If you are using iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch to view this site, you should be able to view all the languages without any further installations needed, as long as you are using iOS version 4.0 or greater, as Apple introduced support for Indic languages in iOS 4.0.

In order to make sure that you can view all of the stotrams without any font issues, every stotram has corresponding PDF files that can be viewed correctly, even when you do not have the corresponding fonts installed. They are also nicely formatted for printing and easy reading.

Srinivas Vadrevu

Srinivas Vadrevu